Ten Super Cheap Education Master’s Degrees

With a little research you can find a Master of Education degree to match your budget.  Our list nearly doubles in cost from #1 to #10, but it is important to keep in mind that many of these schools offer discounts for military veterans or personnel.  In one case, the most expensive school listed here; there is a discount program for licensed teachers.  If your goal is obtaining state licensure for a teaching or educational management job, or a specialization such as instructional technology, it is important to make sure that the school you enroll in meets the academic requirements of your state licensing agency.

  1. Lamar University, one of the Texas State Universities, has an online Master of Education program that has a very reasonable cost for both in-state and out of state residents.  The MEd from Lamar includes specializations in Educational Administration, Educational Technology Leadership, Teacher Leadership, and School Counseling.  Tuition for this 18 – 24 month program is $6,450 for Texas residents and $8,460 for students from the other forty nine states.
  2. Arkansas State University offers five Master of Education degrees through its online structure: the MEd in Educational Leadership, Curriculum & Instruction, Educational Theory & Practice, Instructional Specialist P-4, and Instructional Specialist 4-12.  The tuition for four of these programs is $6,732 in for in-state residents and $7,776 for out of state students.  The tuition for the MEd in Educational Theory and Practice is $5,610 for Arkansas residents and $6,480 for all others.
  3. American College of Education offers nothing but degrees in education, all of them in online format.  The Master of Education options for area of concentration include Educational Leadership, Curriculum & Instruction, Educational Technology, Curriculum & Instruction with ESL Specialization, and Curriculum & Instruction with Bilingual Specialization.  The tuition for any one of these degrees is $6,950 – a great bargain, although there are additional fees of $45 per course, adding $540 to the total.
  4. Graceland University has several Master of Education degrees available online including specializations in Curriculum & Instruction, Collaborative Learning & Teaching, Managing the Inclusive Classroom, Special Education, Technology Integration, and Differentiated Instruction.  Tuition for each of these degrees totals $12,600; there are some minor fees in addition as well as the cost of books and materials.
  5. Western Governors University has a unique method of working with students, gauging their progress with periodic tests rather than grades.  The WGU Teachers College offers an online MEd program with twelve areas of specialization, several of which are for advanced level teaching.  They also have an unusual billing format, charging (in the case of MEd degrees) $2,890 per six month term.  Students can complete the degree at their own pace; at a normal two year course of study the tuition will be 411,560 (4 terms).  A highly motivated student who completes the program in eighteen months will pay $8,670 in tuition.
  6. Georgia Southern University offers online MEd programs in Instructional Technology, Accomplished Teaching, Instructional Improvement, and Educational Leadership.  All of these programs meet the licensing requirements for the State of Georgia.  Tuition is based on a $385 per credit hour rate.  Tuition for the two year, 36 credit MEd program is $13,860.
  7. University of Scranton has opened up an online division that is now offering the Master of Education degree in Curriculum & Instruction, and the Master of Education in Educational Administration. The tuition rate is $453 per credit hour, and both of these programs are thirty six credit hour degrees.  Total tuition is $16,308.  There will be additional costs for books and materials.
  8. University of New England offers an online Masters in Education degree with four areas of concentration: Curriculum & Instruction Strategies, Educational Leadership, Inclusion Education, and Literacy.  These are 30 credit hour programs; the tuition at UNE is rated at $460 per credit hour.  Tuition for each of these MEd degrees is $13,800.
  9. Northcentral University offers thirteen options for the Master of Education program, several of which are unusual academic disciplines to be associated with the field of education.  Among the more traditional options are Early Childhood Education, e-Learning, Instructional Leadership, Educational Leadership, and Higher Education Administration.  Tuition for these programs is $13,890
  10. Regis University has a graduate program in education that offers the online Master of Education with several certificate options that include Adult Learning, Training & Development, Educational Leadership, Integrating Classroom Technology, Literacy, Autistic Education, and Gifted/Talented Education.  These programs are 30 – 36 credit hours; the cost per credit for an online degree is $470.  The tuition range then is $14,100 – $16,900.  However for all licensed teachers enrolled in one of these programs, there is a ten percent discount for non-licensure classes.