Masters of Distance Education FYI

About Distance Education

A master’s degree in distance education may also be referred to as a master’s in e-learning. More higher education is being provided by Internet because of widespread broadband access and the potential for interactive teaching of high quality. Many schools, colleges and universities are encouraging faculty to gain education in distance education, or e-learning.

Other universities offer similar master’s programs that may be called a master’s in computing in education, or a master’s in instructional systems technology. It also may be called a master’s in educational technology.

Distance Education Job Description

A professional with a master’s degree in distance education/e-learning will be able to work in areas such as:

  • Instructional design for education and training online for schools or businesses
  • Instructional technologists for a wide variety of educational and business organizations
  • Analysts in education technology
  • Online learning developers for educational organizations, as well as corporations and government

You will be an expert in building and testing processes, systems, products and services for many educational settings. You will usually take on a design or development role in a variety of public or private organizations.

This master’s degree also could be beneficial to K-12 teachers who want to better integrate online educational resources into their teaching.

Distance Education Requirements

You can expect to take some of the following courses as you complete this master’s degree:

  • Instructional Media/Technology Application
  • Instructional Systems Technology Workshop
  • Instructional Development and Design
  • Designing Instructional Systems
  • Design of Educational Systems
  • Foundations of Instructional Technology

Career and Salary Outlook for Educators with Master’s in Distance Education/E-Learning

Much faster than average job growth is expected in this field. We expect to see an increase of approximately 22% over the next decade in the area of e-learning and distance education. Median annual salaries in this field are around $56,000. The middle 50 percent had a salary between $42,000 and $74,000. View a list of related education careers & salary profiles.

Online Degree Programs for Master’s in Educational Administration

There are many online master’s programs available in e-learning and distance education that can provide you with a broad, detailed grasp of the development, management and delivery of this type of technical instruction. Many universities and colleges are encouraging faculty to get more training online.

You can complete a master’s degree in e-learning typically with the completion of approximately 36 credit hours. This is eight, 4-hour classes and two 2-hour classes. See our complete list of online masters in education degrees.

Distance Education Scholarships

  • Project REACH -The University of Phoenix provides a grant called Project REACH, aimed to recruit teachers and retaining teachers in disadvantaged, low-income areas. Awarded to the University of Phoenix by the U.S. Department of Education, this grant targets recent graduates, mid-career professionals, local community substitute emergency certified teachers, and retired military veterans with a bachelor’s degrees.
  • Grad PLUS Loans -Only since 2006 have the Grad PLUS Loans been a viable alternative. Imagine graduate school—the stress of amassing even more student loan debt. For costly and lengthy programs of study, such as Law and medicine, you’re looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt following graduation. The Grad PLUS Loan does not eliminate that debt, but the loans do make borrowing to finance that education much more affordable and attractive than private loans.

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