Masters of Instructional Technology FYI

About a Master’s in Instructional Technology

Great advances in technology in computers and educational media provide dynamic, new opportunities for educational instruction and communication.

A master’s degree in instructional technology is a rigorous program at the graduate level that prepares you for a career as a professional instructional technologist. An instructional technology program focuses on providing proven solutions to help increase both learning and performance. This program is intended to meet the educational needs of a variety of professional educators, including those in K-12 environments, community colleges and 4-year universities.

Instructional Technology Job Description

An educator with this degree in instructional technology is known as an instructional technology specialist (ITS). He or she will work to increase the use of computers and technology in the classroom and in the entire school.

An educator in K-12 with a master’s in instructional technology will be able to more effectively integrate media and Web technology into the classroom and have a more significant educational impact on students. This degree also is useful to professionals in business, government and non-profits who want to boost their knowledge and ability to apply instructional theories and technology in learning situations.

Master’s in Instructional Technology Requirements

Many masters in instructional technology programs are approximately 30 credit hour programs that you can complete while working full time. In this scenario, you would likely complete one three hour class each term, and then six hours in the summer, and you would finish in three years.

Some typical courses in instructional technology include:

  • Instructional Design Theory
  • Instructional Technology Education Research
  • Computer Instruction
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Audio and Video Production
  • The Web and Its Role in Education
  • Portfolio Demonstration and Evaluation

Career and Salary Outlook for Educators with Master’s in Instructional Technology

A typical ITS with a master’s degree will earn a median salary of $58,750. There are significant increases in demand for ITS services in many school systems, especially K-12. So, the career outlook is outstanding. There is an expected job growth in this field of 20% by 2018.

Online Degree Programs for Master’s in Instructional Technology

There are many online universities that offer a master of education in instructional technology. Some of these include Strayer University, Colorado Technical University, Kaplan University and Keiser University.

A master’s in instructional technology is a good program to do online because so much of the coursework focuses on working with computers and technology. You also will spend much of your time working on your final project for graduation. However, many good online universities also offer the opportunity to interact with your fellow students in an active community online.

Of course, you should ensure that the instructional technology program you are considering is accredited and that you can transfer your credits to other schools if necessary.

Instructional Technology Scholarships

  • Applegate/Jackson/Parks Future Teacher Scholarship
    • $1000
    • Available to graduate or undergraduate students majoring in education
    • Applications accepted between October 1 and December 31.
  • Lloyd G. Balfour Fellowships -The Balfour Fellowship program was initiated in 1985 and provides financial assistance to full-time students who are enrolled in accredited graduate or professional schools. The fellowships were established in honor of Lloyd G. Balfour of Sigma Chi Fraternity. Applicants must be initiated members of an NICNPCNPHC, or PFA organization who are in good standing.
  • Mary Louise Roller Panhellenic Scholarship -The Mary Louise Roller Panhellenic Scholarship is an annual award of $1,000 awarded to an undergraduate woman who plans to attend graduate school the following fall. Named for Mary Louise Roller, this scholarship is funded by a grant from Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity in honor of Mrs. Roller’s 33 year tenure on AOPi’s Panhellenic Delegation.

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