9 Great Tech Tools for TESOL Teachers

Teaching students to learn a second language, especially English, can be difficult. Many TESOL teachers rely upon a variety of tech tools to help them make their lessons easier to understand. Tech tools can range from apps that help organize lesson plans, to multi-media tools that make learning easier for students. Here’s a look at nine of the greatest tech tools TESOL, or teachers of English to students of other languages, can use.


Learning English as a second language can be difficult. CourseLab allows TESOL teachers to create a variety of tools and assignments that make learning English fun. Teachers can create lesson plans, quizzes, exams, and tutorials that students can use as supplemental learning tools.

Book Builder

Learning to read, write and comprehend English is an important part of learning it as a second language. TESOL teachers can use BookBuilder to create and design digital books. These digital books can consist of a short story, or several assignments designed to helped students read and understand English. In some cases, teachers will even encourage students to create their own digital books as an assignment to help them write in English.


Blogging has become extremely popular over the years. Edublogs allows TESOL teachers to teach their students blogging skills that can prove extremely valuable in the student’s lives. Students and teachers can create blogs that need to be written in English. This will help them fine tune their writing, and vocabulary as they learn this new language.


JupiterGrades gives TESOL a place to organize their information. Teachers can track attendance, grades, and other information that is vital to helping their students succeed in learning this second and new language.

We the Teachers

We the Teachers is a place dedicated to giving teachers from all over the world a place to interact and exchange ideas. TESO teachers can connect with other teachers to see what works best for students, exchange lesson plans, and bounce ideas off of each other.

The Apple

The Apple is a place that resembles the Internet’s version of the “Big Apple”. It is a place where teachers can network, interact with each other and exchange ideas. There are regular blogs devoted to educating TESOL teachers on the latest ideas and lesson plans that work.


Students love having a creative and fun way to learn concepts. TESOL teachers can use RubiStar to create puzzles and quizzes that can be used as part of their lesson plan.


All the tools a teacher could ever want or need, can be found on Engrade. Engrade gives teachers a place to create classroom calendars, chart student’s progress, create lesson plans, and store grades. It’s a one-stop-shop for all the resources a TESOL teacher could ever need for their classroom.


Teachers can design a place where students can meet outside of the classroom and continue to practice their English skills with Edmodo. Edmodo allows TESOL to create virtual meeting places for their classroom, where students can message each other, practice their English skills, and exchange information with each other.

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