7 Awesome Reasons to Pursue a Career in TESOL

People all over the world and right in the United States have a desire to learn the English language. Pursuing a career in TESOL or as a teacher of English to speakers of other languages, gives you the opportunity to help others learn one of the most complicated languages on the planet. Here’s a look at seven awesome reasons to pursue a career in TESOL.

  1. Chance to Travel the World –  Many individuals who pursue a career in TESOL have the opportunity to travel the world. Many foreign companies, schools and governments hire people who hold a degree in TESOL to teach English to their employees or other people. Landing a job like this will allow you to travel the world.
  2. Chance to Experience Other Cultures – Even if you don’t pursue an international job when you get a degree in TESOL, you can still experience other cultures right here in the United States. You will get to interact with dozens of individuals who have a variety of cultural backgrounds. The diverse cultural backgrounds will allow you to learn more about the many cultures of the world.
  3. Chance to Interact With People of All Ages – People of all ages want to learn English as a second language. Earning a degree in TESOL will give you the opportunity to interact with a variety of ages. Children, college students, employees, and elderly people all have a desire to learn English as a second language.
  4. Multiple Employment Opportunities – There is never a lack of employment opportunities available to you when you hold a TESOL degree. You will have a variety of employment opportunities if you pursue a degree in TESOL. Everything from colleges and universities, government agencies, and private residences has a desire to learn English, and will hire someone who has a degree in TESOL to teach them.
  5. Opportunity to Help People Pursue a Dream – Many people have a desire or dream of learning English as a second language. For some people reaching this dream helps people become American citizens, for others it’s the opportunity to communicate with a wide range of people all over the globe. When you pursue a career in TESOL you will be helping people pursue a dream.
  6. Pursue a Passion for Teaching – A career in TESOL is essentially teaching other individuals how to read, write and speak English. If you have a passion for teaching, this type of career allows you to pursue a passion for teaching while giving people an opportunity to learn a second language.
  7. Pursue a Career that is Always in Demand – There will always be a demand for someone to teach others to write, read and speak English. This makes pursuing a career in TESOL invaluable because your skills as a teacher of English to speakers of other languages will always be in demand, and employment opportunities will always be open to you.

These are just seven of the reasons to pursue a career in TESOL. There are dozens of other reason for you to consider pursuing a career as a teacher of English to speakers of other languages.

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