20 Great Reference Links for Education Masters Students

When it comes to getting your master’s in education degree, there are a lot of different resources out there that you can choose from. Make sure that you take the time to explore everything that you have to choose from and give yourself the chance to utilize the tools and resources that you have access to online. We have compiled a list of some of the best teacher-oriented resources that you will find online to help you get more out of your education and career. Not only will you learn more about your education, but you will be able to learn about the teaching industry and education system as well, to help you prepare for your future career.

  1. About the GRE: This article, provided by U.S. News & World Report, discusses the importance of the Graduate Record Exam and how to prepare so that you can pass the test and get on with your education.
  2. Paying for Grad School: A resource article with tips and tools to help you finance your master’s in education degree.
  3. Educators Rethink Teacher Training: An article that discusses urban residency programs and unique teaching options for students who want more out of their career training.
  4. U.S. News & World Report: Top graduate school rankings for education master’s degrees, ranked based on various criteria. This is the leading source for school rankings.
  5. Master’s in Teaching Rankings: A guide to understanding how schools and programs are ranked, as well as a list of the best online M. Ed. Programs.
  6. Project Graduate School: A blog related to all things graduate school, including a survival guide on how to succeed at the graduate level of education.
  7. Temple University Tips and FAQs: While some are school-specific, most of the tips and resources here are general regarding master’s in education programs, including what to do, how to succeed, and knowing which program is right for you.
  8. Online Learning Tips: This resource tells you all about getting a degree online and how to choose the right program, including the best master’s of education schools.
  9. Master’s in Education Resources: Offered by Dominican University, this resource includes a variety of tools and information.
  10. Culture Conflicts in the Classroom: This resource focuses on how culture in the classroom affects learning.
  11. Graduate Degrees in Education: Understanding how to find the best grad programs and why they are critical to the future of education.
  12. How Do Online University Courses Work: A resource that explains how online programs work and what you can expect out of your degree program.
  13. Improve the Future with a Masters in Elementary Education: The demand for elementary education is growing, find out why this might be a good specialty for your master’s in education degree.
  14. Job Resources for Teachers: For students who want help finding work after they’ve completed their graduate degree.
  15. Teaching ESL – Improving Career Options: Why ESL is such a necessary part of today’s education system and how it can benefit you.
  16. The Master Plan for Education: Understanding the world of education and how the future is going to be.
  17. What are AP Teacher Requirements: If you want to be an AP teacher, this is a great tool to have on your side.
  18. Writing a Cover Letter to Get a Teaching Position: It’s all about presentation and selling yourself, and knowing how to write a good cover letter can make all the difference.
  19. Master’s in Education Resource Guides: This resource will provide you with all types of information on careers, degree programs, and other relevant topics.
  20. Master’s Rankings by Field of Study: A ranking of the best master’s programs, divided by the type of degree or area of study.