10 Most Popular Career Paths of ESL Students

While many ESL students wish to learn the language because they want to socialize or visit an English-speaking country, other students do so for the career opportunities it presents. Many career paths are available to students who study English as a second language. The following are nine of the most popular career paths for ELS students.

1. Teaching a Foreign Language

Many ELS students have a desire to teach their native language to people in the United States. Many colleges, high schools, and grade schools will hire individuals who are native foreign language speakers to teach their foreign language courses. They must first gain a better understanding of the English language to become professors, teachers or foreign language instructors.

2. Foreign Ambassadors

ESL students have the opportunity to be ambassadors to other countries. By learning to speak English they will be able to communicate freely with representatives of the other countries. Foreign ambassadors are essential to keeping peaceful relations between foreign countries.

3. ESL Tutors or Teacher’s Aides

There are many individuals who are looking to learn English as a second language. ESL students can become tutors or teacher’s aides. Tutors and teacher aides can help people learn the skills and vocabulary they need. They can also help supplement the ELS courses the individual is taking.

4. Director of ELS Courses

Schools, in particular colleges and universities, need someone to run and direct the ELS program. Former ELS students are perfect candidates as they know exactly what students want and need in an ELS course.

5. Adult ESL Instructors

Many ESL courses are aimed at grade school, high school or college students who wish to learn English. Many ESL students have the opportunity to become an adult ESL instructor. Adult ESL instructors teach everyone from employees of other companies, to government officials how to speak English.

6. University Professors

ESL students have the opportunity to become teachers of an ELS program. Many colleges and universities hire past ELS students to teach courses to up-and-coming ELS students. Individuals who enjoy teaching, and wish to help future ELS will pursue this career path.

7. Teachers in Government Agencies

Many government agencies wish to train individuals to speak English. ELS students can pursue a career as English tutors to individuals who are working for the government and wish to fine tune their English skills.

8. Interpreters

Schools, healthcare agencies, courtrooms, and law firms all need someone to serve as an interpreter to individuals who speak a foreign language. ELS students can become an interpreter to help people understand what is being said, and how it applies to them.

9. International English Teacher

Many foreign countries will hire individuals to teach English in their school systems. ELS students are eligible to become international English teachers in these country’s school systems. They will develop curriculums and teach English vocabulary skills to middle school and high school students.

10. International Private English Tutor

Many members of foreign countries will hire private English tutors to teach themselves or their children English. ELS students can become private English tutors for these families. They will be responsible for teaching them how to speak, write and read English.

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