10 Interesting Specializations for Grad Students within Education

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Students who are pursuing a Masters in Education have several fascinating specializations available to them. When you choose a particular specialty, you can enjoy more interesting job prospects. These specializations also give students the tools that they need to succeed in education. You are much more likely to find a truly unique educational job if you pursue a specialization.

  1. School Counseling – This is one very popular program for Masters of Education students. While many associate educational degrees with teaching, there is a need for counselors in public school systems across the country. Counselors generally work with students in the K-12 levels, and provide valuable help to students as they cope with life issues. This is a worthwhile specialization for students who want to make a difference.
  2. Cultural Studies and Social Thought – This Masters degree in Education program specializes in cultural issues, both historical and current. Students who are interested in the impact of culture on education and want to apply this to their job will want to consider this specialization. This sort of degree can be applied to many sub-fields, including curriculum development and higher education.
  3. Curriculum and Instruction – This Education Masters degree is ideal for students who want to put their desire to effectively educate others to good use. Students who graduate from these programs will be able to easily design a curriculum that will maximize the learning experience for others. Public and private school systems, colleges and universities and educational companies that sell to tutors and homeschooling parents all benefit from the skills of majors in this field.
  4. Language and Literacy Education – As the number of foreign language speakers grows, there is more of a need for qualified ESL teachers. This Masters Education program prepares students to instruct others in mastering the English language. Most students will easily find employment in public school districts, especially those that have large immigrant populations.
  5. Sport Management – This is a sought-after Masters Education program for students who enjoy sports. Students have the opportunity to study sports at various levels, including the collegiate level. A variety of different issues that may possibly impact the sports field are discussed as part of one of these programs. Many graduates are able to successfully obtain administrative-level jobs in sports.
  6. Media Literacy Education – The importance of media literacy continues to grow on a daily basis. Critical thinking skills regarding media continue to become more important. Many teachers have a desire to improve their skills, while incoming students want to be on top of the latest trends in education.
  7. Urban Education – Students in urban settings often have distinctive needs and challenges. Masters in Education program students who choose this specialization may specialize in several areas. These are as diverse as early childhood education and continuing education for adults. Some graduates of an Urban Education program may choose to receive further instruction in psychology or counseling.
  8. Early Childhood Education – An Early Childhood Education specialization is ideal for those who want to work with children in preschool through second grade. The curriculum for such a program includes classroom planning, performing academic assessments, and understanding learning disabilities.
  9. Bilingual Education – Many school districts offer bilingual classes, but not all districts have enough teachers to fulfill the needs of their foreign language students. Most of these programs are only open to students who will teach in certain districts. Some of these types of programs also provide instruction for teaching in bicultural situations as well.
  10. Technology in Education – New technological advances are opening up opportunities for the use of technology in education. A student who specializes in this field will learn about all aspects of technology and how they can be applied to the educational experience. Consulting, analysis and research jobs are all very real possibilities in this field.