10 Cool Places to Work as a Masters in Education Grad

– Exciting Options

A Masters in Education degree gives students exciting job possibilities. While education-related jobs are commonly associated with teaching in a public school setting, there are several places where graduates might work. Knowing what the available options are will help you decide which may be best for you. There are several non-academic options that will allow you to really put your skills to use.

1. Public School Systems – This is one of the most popular options for education graduates by far. Although a position in a particular school system cannot always be guaranteed, teachers do retire every year, opening the field up to qualified applicants just getting started. There is also a very real market for teachers with specialized skills, such as foreign languages.

2. Libraries – Many are unaware of the fact that Masters of Education graduates possess the skills necessary to be a librarian or media specialist. Library skills continue to evolve as libraries acquire new technology to keep up with demands. In addition to basic information literacy, you will learn about other specialties, such as young adult literature. Public school, public and academic libraries are all reasonable options.

3. Executive Coaching – Some graduates like the idea of teaching, but find the typical school environment to be stressful or otherwise distasteful. Executive coaching is a way to utilize your teaching skills in a fun environment. The job involves working with people on a corporate level, and may involve speaking at a retreat or offering coaching in an office setting. This is a career sector that is growing very steadily, so you’ll have good options if you have a Masters degree in Education.

4. Administration – This type of job can offer graduates several benefits. Administrators are more involved with running a school or school district, and don’t have to cope with typical classroom issues that arise. This has been commonly ranked as a top career option, and offers a lot of room for advancement.

5. Journalism and Writing – This is a coveted type of position that suits many education graduates perfectly. Because a degree in education focuses on good communications skills, you can probably transition into such a position easily. Many education Masters degree recipients have a talent for writing and speaking, so communications jobs are a worthwhile option.

6. Preschool Director – Many people like the idea of working in an administrative position, but find working mostly with parents to be more appealing. Anyone who has an educational background is likely to be a good candidate for managing a preschool. This is a worthwhile position for those who specialized in Early Childhood Education, especially those with strong leadership skills.

7. Adult Literacy Programs – Literacy problems in adults are more of an issue than many people realize. Masters Education program graduates are equipped with just the right skills that are needed to teach adults. This is a very personally rewarding profession, and many are drawn to it because they know they’re making a difference.

8. Textbook Companies – Qualified teachers are needed to write textbooks and related materials, such as study guides. When trained teachers are used, the books provide more satisfactory results. Teaching graduates may also be hired as proofreaders for educational materials, a job that also requires careful attention to detail.

9. Curriculum Writers – Writing a curriculum for a school requires a lot of attention to detail, good writing skills, and a thorough understanding of academic subjects. A graduate with some type of educational degree is a good candidate. This is a good job that doesn’t require the stresses of a classroom setting.

10. Tutor – As many students struggle with their subjects, good tutors are needed. There are many websites and services available that hire teaching graduates as tutors. If you prefer, you may also offer your skills on a freelance basis. Tutors with graduate education can offer their services to all ages.