10 Best Online Masters in TESOL Programs in the U.S.

Earning a Master’s in TESOL opens the door to hundreds of job opportunities that allow you to teach English to people who wish to learn it as a second or other language. There are thousands of TESOL master programs all across the country, but only a few can be considered the best. Here is a look at 10 of the best TESOL master programs in the United States.

  1. Ashford University – The Clinton, Iowa campus of Ashford University offers a master degree program for those seeking to teach English as a second language to students. Students have the option to pursue on-campus classes or online classes as they earn their degree.
  2. Western Governors University – There is an array of online master degree programs offered through Western Governors University. Students receive the training and knowledge they need to earn their Masters in TESOL. Western Governors University also offers a variety of certifications people may need to obtain a job within their state.
  3. University of California – All of the campuses of the University of California offer teaching degrees but only the main campus offers a Master’s in TESOL degree. This program through the University of California teaches students how to develop course materials, and class plans for those who want to learn English as a second language.
  4. Jones International University – Jones International University offers a variety of master’s degrees online. Students all over the United States who have successfully completed their teaching degree can pursue a TESOL degree, which will allow them to teach English to students of other languages.
  5. Grand Canyon University – Grand Canyon University is a private university that designed a Master’s in TESOL program that works with teachers who are currently working in the field. The TESOL program allows teachers to get their master’s degree while still working.
  6. University of Alabama – Huntsville – The University of Alabama’s Huntsville campus offers a Master’s in TESOL program. Students will learn how to specialize in teaching English to students who speak another language as their main language.
  7. Mercy College – Mercy College offers a specific master’s degree program that specializes in teaching English to speakers of other languages. Skills that are taught in this program include learning to develop a curriculum that is focused on teaching English vocabulary and skills to speakers of other languages.
  8. University of Cincinnati – Individuals looking to teach English internationally or in the states will want to consider the University of Cincinnati’s TESOL program. This program will focus on developing the skills and curriculum necessary to get speakers of other languages speaking English.
  9. American College of Education – The American College of Education focuses more on developing a curriculum than how to teach English to speakers of other languages. There is a course available that specializes in developing a curriculum for TESOL.
  10. University of Southern California – The University of Southern California combines a high quality teaching program with the knowledge needed to specialize in teaching English to speakers of other languages. The University of Southern California’s program is available on-campus and online to students who have successfully completed an undergraduate program in teaching.

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